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From simple 1 color postcard mailers to multi-paged full color brochures, I can help make you look good to your customers! If you can dream it up, I can help design it. I can create unique pieces of art or I can help edit existing materials you may have as I use numerous programs such as: CorelDraw, Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe Acrobat.

I work with several print companies in the St. Louis area and am able to help with the production flow from initial concept to final printed output, so you don't have to worry about it. Your time is valuable with your company, let me take a little off of your plate. There is no project too big or small, from a unique 1 of a kind print to a 100,000+ print job I can handle it all!
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Wine Label Artwork

This wine label was produced to have the look and feel of a traditional church stained glass window. This was completely re-created in a wireframe based application in order for it to be resized and colors changed at any time.

This is probably one of my favorite designs I have created.
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Birth Information Wall Hanging

Help the new family of a little one remember the special day with a large format wall haning. From 5x7 up to 11x14, I can create a unique memory sign about the little one.

This print was produced and printed on watercolor, archival paper giving it a slight texture when viewed up close.
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Big Value Brochure

This project was in conjunction with a marketing salesman who worked with several McDonald's resturants to provide advertising for local businesses as well as offering McDonald's coupons in the 4-6 page flyer. There was no cost to McDonald's for the printing as they were to distribute them to their customers at the local resturants. A new flyer for each location was produced every 6 weeks. This brocure had a 60,000 copy print run that was distributed to the location in Troy, Missouri.
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The compass was drawn for a map/compass class that I developed for teaching members of Search and Rescue Teams how to use a compass on a search. The compass was modeled on a 'real' compass that I use. The compass bezel, needle and incline indicator are all independent and can be moved and rotated as needed for presentation.
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Annual Christmas Card

This was our annual Christmas card/photo of the girls that we send out. The photo of the girls was clipped from the background and placed in front of our tree. The info was placed on another layer to give info about the girls ages. There is a warm color shift in the image for the girls as the print was to be printed on photo paper which has an uncontrolable cool color shift.
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January-Wabash Print

The January-Wabash building was a historic landmark in the City of Ferguson, Missouri. The city owned property fell into disrepair and was voted to be torn down in 2007. This photo was taken in the fall prior to the demolition. Prints as large as 13x19 inches are available for purchase.
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Pyramid Wine Bottle

This label is for a very unique wine bottle with a very tall pyramid shape. The bottle has 3 sides but they only wanted to have 2 labels, as they had to include nutrition information and a barcode and it would not fit on 1.
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Wine in a Glass Cap

This cap artwork was a mockup for an advertising piece the company owner used to show his idea to manufacturers and investors. The cap was originally going to be a hard style cap, but recently it has been changed to be a foil seal lid. The artwork should remain similar to this for the final product.
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Radient Red Wine

This wine label was created for placement on wine bottles for the Bardenheier's winery. The photo of the girl, the daughter of one of the owners, was given to me to use but she was looking out a window at 'nothing'. I placed her looking out over a grape vineyard and then applied a paint effect to the image. This was one of 7 wine varietys I designed for, but to my knowledge only a 'red' and 'white' were actually produced.
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LaSalle Gold Cross Label

I was trying to help update a label that was about 50 years old and was experimenting with a new design with the stylized cross I created. As this was a proposal, it was liked by the client, but they decided to stay with a more traditional layout that I did for them.
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Seasons Greetings Label

The photo was taken from the best resource they had available, an old postcard of the winery. The label was to have the same look and feel of the other labels designed for the winery located in Hannibal, MO.
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Fountain Painting Label

This wine label was created for Sawyers Creek winery located in Hannibal, MO. The fountin is actually located in the front of their winery and was to be on the front of the label. The photo was converted to look like it was painted with oil paints with the background color for the label color matched to the fountain itself.
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Sitting With An Angel

This artwork was created for a supporter of the Shawn Hornbeck Foundation who did bench advertising on benches at supermarkets in the midwest. The benches can still be seen at many Schnuck's supermarkets.
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This camcorder graphic was designed using a photograph of the camcorder. The client wanted to produce a printable how-to manual on how to do specific functions of the camcorder for their employees.
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SARCOM License Plate

This is probably one of my most unique items that I have designed as it is a license plate for the Search And Rescue Council Of Missouri. The plate is available for members of the SARCOM group. I have never met anyone else that has designed a license plate!
Pricing for my graphic design and print services will vary depending on the project and its complexity and additional resources required. Payments for my graphic design services will vary for each project and payments will be made using PayPal.

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